Suggestions for student meetings

Regularly meeting with your student throughout the year is an incredibly important and valuable part of the Year 13 program. Helping your student critically reflect on what they are learning, both in the classroom and in ministry, and integrating it with God’s Word and the context of your local church or school will be a key component of their discipleship and growth.

We recommend meeting fortnightly with your student, and have listed some suggestions below to help you run these meetings:

  • Read the Bible together
  • Read through a Christian book together
  • Pray together
  • Catch-up on life and what they have been learning over the past fortnight
  • Help them to reflect on ministry and life through probing questions, such as:
    • What was your goal or purpose?
    • How well did you prepare?
    • What went well / not so well? Why?
    • What did you learn about yourself / your ministry / dealing with others?
    • What does Scripture have to say that is relevant here?
    • What will you change or do differently next time?
  • Encourage and provide feedback on the student’s ministry. For example, feedback on a youth group talk or SRE lesson they gave.
  • Discuss relevant topics in the student’s development as they arise, such as their life and maturity as a Christian, dating, family, time management, setting priorities and goals, relating to others in ministry, biblical leadership or attitude towards money.

We see the local church as the place that ultimately provides nurture and discipleship of the Year 13 student. Your biblical wisdom and experience are invaluable throughout this process, and we hope throughout the year you will discover areas for growth in the students, and feel comfortable in challenging them towards holiness and maturity.

We trust the experience will be as rewarding for you as it is for your student. 

You’ll not only grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and God – but you will learn the great fundamentals to growing your relationship with Him, with others, and basically how to ACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY, FEARLESSLY LIVE for CHRIST! Zoe Schuthof, 2009