Organising your student’s week

A student’s week will vary from student to student. However, they are all required to spend 2 days per week in a Ministry Placement at their church or a school. This component of Year 13 fits within an ACT units of study: PC244 - Practical Ministry Field Education and PC246 - Lay Ministry Field Education.

As a Supervisor, you will be responsible for developing a workable weekly ministry timetable that fits within the goals of your church or school, and the abilities and goals of your student. This should include a suitable ‘job description’ so that the student is clear on what is expected of them. This might include:

  • Helping lead the youth group, Sunday school or kids club
  • SRE or school lunch-time groups
  • Church service involvement, such as service leading, music or technical support
  • Administrative work
  • Other roles, such as maintaining the church website or lawn mowing service

A ‘normal’ week for a Block student is a little more difficult to define, given the residential ‘block’ tutorial time. However, virtually any ministries your church or school is involved in, a Year 13 student can be a part of as their Ministry Placement.

It must, however, be noted that Year 13 is not designed to train students to be full-time paid Youth or Children’s Ministers. They should not be given roles where they are wholly responsible. That is not what Year 13 is about; rather, it is about discipleship.

We also ask that you ensure there is sufficient time for the student to prepare for their ministries within these two days, as well as allow for fortnightly catch-up sessions with your student. Please see Suggestions for Student Meetings for tips on how these might be structured.

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