Expectations of Supervisors

Being a Year 13 Supervisor is an extremely important and rewarding role. While we do place some expectations on Year 13 Supervisors, we also appreciate that many of you are already very busy. As such, we have endeavoured to make the role as simple as possible:



Supervisors have primary oversight of the student during their Ministry Placement. This includes helping to develop a reasonable timetable and workload for the student (see Organising your students week), assisting them in ministry preparation and in fundraising for the Fiji mission. Of particular importance is guiding the student in critical reflection. This may be undertaken by the Supervisor or a Mentor.



Supervisors may also perform the role of Mentor – meeting up regularly with the student to pray, encourage, discuss life and ministry matters (see Suggestions for student meetings). The Mentor should be an older, wiser Christian of the same gender as the student. As most Supervisors tend to be male ministry staff (eg. the Assistant or Youth Minister), we advise in the case of female students to have an older Christian woman fulfil the role of Mentor. If you are unsure of how to structure your mentor meeting, read this extract from David Helm's One to One.



Year 13 is not looking to take over your role or the role of the local church in the nurture and discipleship of your student. We seek to partner with you in this. As such, Supervisors function as a connection between Year 13 and the rest of the student’s life. We hope that you would feel comfortable communicating with us if there are incidents or patterns of behaviour that may need to be addressed.


Events and paperwork

Ideally, Supervisors only need to attend three events across the year: the Supervisors Information Night, the Fiji Launch Night and Student Graduation (see dates here). However, this depends largely on where you live, and is not asked of those living outside of Sydney. As for paperwork, all we require is a short feedback form to be submitted at the end of the year. 

You’ll not only grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and God – but you will learn the great fundamentals to growing your relationship with Him, with others, and basically how to ACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY, FEARLESSLY LIVE for CHRIST! Zoe Schuthof, 2009