There are two ‘modes’ of attendance for Year 13 – Weekly Continuous and Block Intensive mode. Both cover the same material and engage in all the same activities, but have been specifically designed to allow you to choose the model that suits you best.


The Weekly Continuous mode is designed for students who live within travelling distance of the Year 13 campus in Loftus (ie. within Greater Sydney). Students live on campus two days per week (overnight), and participate in face-to-face lectures and group time. The rest of the week is spent serving in their ministry placement at church or a local school, as well as time for part-time work and free leisure. For more information on what a Continuous mode student week might look like, please visit The Average Week.


If you want to do Year 13, but coming to Loftus each week just isn’t possible (eg. if you are a regional, interstate or international student), then the Block Intensive mode is for you! 

The Block Intensive mode breaks the year into four residential blocks (see dates below). This flexible delivery is structured (as best we can) during school holidays, allowing you to tailor your year to accommodate more paid work or ministry service. In between attendance blocks, you will continue learning in our online community. Country scholarships are also available for eligible Block mode students. For more information, click here

Don’t let distance be an issue!

We’ve had students from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns, Lord Howe Island, Lismore, and even north-west WA!  More than 100 students from regional New South Wales and interstate have done Year 13.

Even if you’re an international applicant, please contact us! We can tailor the program in order for you to complete Year 13 in time for Northern Hemisphere academic calendars. In recent years we have had students from New Zealand, USA, the UK, Germany and Austria.

Key elements of the year, such as orientation, the Fiji mission and training, and graduation week are all done together with Continuous mode students.





TERM ONE: Feb 12 - April 6

February 12-16: O Week
March 26-28: Orange and Green Stream only
April 4-6: Red and Blue Stream only

TERM TWO: April 23 - June 8

April 23-27: Fiji Training Week
May 5: Fiji Launch Night

FIJI TRIP: June 21 - July 19

TERM THREE: August 6 - September 28

TERM FOUR: October 15 - November 23

November 19-23: D Week





BLOCK ONE: February 12 - March 1

February 12-16: O Week

BLOCK TWO: April 23 - May 10

April 23-27: Fiji Training Week
May 5: Fiji Launch Night

FIJI TRIP: June 21 - July 19

BLOCK THREE: September 3 - 20

BLOCK FOUR: November 5 - 23

November 19-23: D Week


Please be aware that these dates do not include your own travel time.
You are welcome to arrive on campus a day before each Block starts and stay a day after each Block finishes. Individual Block timetables will be made available to you two weeks before each Block starts. You will be required to be on campus from 9am on the first day of each Block until 4pm on the final day of each Block.


Year 13 allowed me to grow in the safety of strong Christian relationships, and the skills it gave me grew my confidence and opened my eyes to ways that I could serve. I feel so much more involved in my church community because of Year 13. Mikaela Bower, 2012