The average week

During term time, your typical week will vary depending on which mode of Year 13 you are doing – Continuous or Block– and where you are serving.

For Continuous students,

your week will involve:

2 days on campus
2 days in ministry placement
2 days for part-time work.

For Continuous mode students serving at their local church,

your week will involve:

  • Sunday serving at church
  • Second day at church and/or private study
  • One or two days in a part-time job and/or private study
  • Two days on campus
  • One day for rest

For Continuous mode students serving at a local school,

your week will involve:

  • Two days serving at school
  • One or two days in a part-time job and/or private study
  • Two days on campus
  • Weekends for rest, church and private study

Please note: Some schools and churches are resourced to employ a Year 13 student up to two days a week. In this case, the student may complete both their two day ministry placement and their one or two days in part-time work in the same location.

Block Mode

For Block mode students, your typical week is much harder to define. You'll spend 16 weeks of the year on campus at Year 13 and in Fiji, and the remaining 36 weeks at home serving in your ministry placement. You’ll still need to complete your minimum 2 days per week in a ministry placement, though how you structure the rest of your time is largely up to you. Past students have used the time to accommodate additional ministry or paid work. Talk to us during your application interview about what you’d like to do.

Year 13 allowed me to grow in the safety of strong Christian relationships, and the skills it gave me grew my confidence and opened my eyes to ways that I could serve. I feel so much more involved in my church community because of Year 13. Mikaela Bower, 2012