Fiji mission

The one-month mission to Fiji is a student highlight every year. Partnering alongside Fijian brothers and sisters in gospel ministry is a rare privilege.

The mission team visit some beautiful locations and experience genuine Fijian culture and hospitality, far from the tourist track, as they partner with local churches and minister the gospel in many different contexts. Students have the chance to teach Scripture in orphanages, schools, churches, refugee “settlements” and prisons, participate in hands-on community projects as well as present at Fijian Youth Leadership Conferences!

It is important to know that Year 13 does not go to “do mission”. Our philosophy has always been to partner with local Fijians in mission. This is extremely important. God has opened the door for this ministry via existing relationships with Fijian church leaders. Year 13 has also returned, year after year, to the same ministries, seeking to consolidate the work done previously, and develop the relationship with our Fijian partners. Fijian culture operates on trust, and it is a great privilege (and a testament to previous students) to be asked back each year.



The Fiji mission takes place in June-July each year.

The overall cost for the mission is included in the Year 13 fee structure, and covers airfares, insurance, meals, training and accommodation for the month on mission in Fiji.

Part of the Year 13 year is fundraising to help cover some (if not all) of the costs of the mission.



We ensure all students are prepared for cross-cultural mission work prior to leaving. This includes specific cultural awareness training, and several Semester 1 subjects (such as Evangelism, Biblical Theology of Mission and World Religions) which help prepare students for mission work.

Travel to Fiji does not require a Visa for Australian citizens; however it does require a passport. Students will need to apply for a passport well before the Fiji mission if they don’t have one already. Please don’t leave this until the last minute!

Students may also require some vaccinations. We will provide details of what is recommended, though these will need to be organised and paid for by the student.



While in Fiji, students will receive prepaid sim-cards in order to contact home, as well as periodic internet access. There will also be a supporters’ Facebook page, and a weekly ‘Bula Blog’ published here to allow friends and family to hear what students have been up to. You can sign-up to receive the Bula Blog direct to your inbox here

Detailed risk management policies and emergency procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all team members.

For more information about travelling to Fiji, please visit:

Year 13 was a chance to set myself up for the future, discover who I am and what God wants me to do, my skills and passion for certain ministries, and it was a year to read the whole Bible and to think through various issues. James Robson, 2012