So, your son or daughter is thinking about Year 13?

You might be feeling a little apprehensive about this, and that’s understandable. Your child may already be clear what they want to do post school, so why delay going straight into it? Or maybe they don’t have a clue what they want to do, but you hope once they are working or studying, they might figure it out. Aren’t gap years an expensive waste of time anyway?

We don’t think so (and we are not alone!).

Why a gap year?

One of the great strengths of a gap year is the chance to take a breath.

There are so many options and decisions facing your child after school, and the impact they’ll have on the rest of their lives can be daunting. They feel so much pressure to get it right!

You naturally want what’s best for your son or daughter, but the reality is many school-leavers drop out, burn out, or realise they are doing something they don’t enjoy and have to change mid-year. In fact, the incidence of such “churn” has become so significant that some universities are quite concerned.

The year after school is such a unique time in your child’s life. They will never have this level of freedom again. Why not encourage them to invest this special time to great benefit? Life is not a race. There is no prize for getting through school and study and into the workplace the quickest.

A growing body of research backs up the benefits of taking a gap year, some of which can be found under Gap Year Research. Indeed, more and more universities are now advocating a gap year, and making it as easy as possible for entrants to defer their studies.    

Why Year 13?

Even better than a gap year, is a structured Christian gap year.

And that’s what Year 13 is.

Year 13 is a discipleship gap year done in community. A carefully and deliberately structured one-year course designed to mature your child’s faith, building on foundations that will set them up for the rest of life – whatever that may hold for them.

In addition to the classroom units of study (seven of which are taught at Diploma level and are provided by the Australian College of Theology), Year 13 students participate in a number of ‘life skills’ courses and seminars, ensuring your child won’t just grow spiritually but will be better prepared for life after Year 13 as well.

 These include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Career Development
  • Anglicare Ministry at the Margins

The ministry and volunteer work components will stretch your child, as will the short-term mission trip, but the real highlight will be the relationships with their peers.

Year 13 will forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

See and hear it for yourself

You still might not be convinced. That’s okay.

There are several Open Days where you can meet our dedicated staff, talk to Year 13 students and graduates, and chat with other parents. They are a great way to have your questions answered and concerns addressed.

For more information on dates and times, please see Events.

You'll not only grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and God – but you will learn the great fundamentals to growing your relationship with Him, with others, and basically how to ACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY, FEARLESSLY LIVE for CHRIST! Zoe Schuthof, 2009