Bula Blog #7 >> My new understanding of mission

24 July, 2017
What does it mean to be a missionary? I used to think that being a missionary meant that you had to be overseas, in a foreign country, spreading God’s word. While two weeks hasn’t been enough time to process all that I’ve learned in Fiji, I have learned that my original definition wasn’t big enough!

Bula Blog #6 >> Utter dependence on God

11 July, 2017
As I look back at the last month and my many experiences in Fiji, God has shown me again and again that we are totally dependent on Him in all situations. God provides our strength.

Bula Blog #5 >> Home

5 July, 2017
When someone says the word 'home', where or what do you imagine? Is home where you live, how you live, or why you live? Or, is it who you live with? I'm still unsure.

Bula Blog #4 >> Challenged by Children

27 June, 2017
In preparation for Fiji we prayed for God to challenge us, but I honestly did not think this was one of the things he would choose to challenge me on. How wrong I was.

Bula Blog #3 >> Adjusting our cultural lenses

20 June, 2017
Our first week in Fiji has been all about learning how to engage with (or even to survive in) a culture which is, at least on the surface, completely different from our own.

Bula Blog #2 >> The bond of peace

7 June, 2017
No matter how much preparation we do, the trip still has its uncertainties

Green Stream Bula Blog #1 >> Fixing our eyes

30 May, 2017
In our first post, Amy from Green Stream shares how she’s feeling ahead of trip

Bula Blog #12: ‘Moce!’ [Goodbye!]

28 July, 2016
People keep asking me how Fiji was and I honestly don’t know how to reply.

Bula Blog # 11: My story of God’s faithfulness

18 July, 2016
I had never shared my testimony in front of such a large group before.

Bula Blog # 10: Treated like kings by Nakavu villagers

18 July, 2016
Nakavu welcomed us as complete strangers and treated us like kings—in their own homes!

Bula Blog #9: Short-term mission, like a dog in a museum

2 July, 2016
I’m beginning to think that short-term mission is a bit like a dog running through a museum; we’re seeing stuff here in Fiji that we don’t fully understand, yet.

Bula Blog # 8: Guests of strangers

27 June, 2016
For many of us, this would be our first time staying in the home of a stranger. It was also our best chance to experience what Fijian home life is like.

Bula Blog # 7: Welcoming one another

24 June, 2016
We arrived in Fiji under the cover of darkness. We were welcomed by the many locals who waved at us and called out, “Bula!” as we drove by. Although it was dark, we could tell Fiji looks very different to Australia. Even so, we weren't prepared for what we would wake up to the next morning...!

Bula Blog #6: Learning to rely on God, not ourselves

10 June, 2016
I am daunted knowing that we are about to immerse ourselves in a completely foreign culture to do ministry. Spending an entire month overseas with different people, eating different food, and living in a different climate is going to be challenging!

Bula Blog #5: The importance of what we will be doing in Fiji is beginning to sink in

6 June, 2016
As our Fiji mission trip gets closer, the weight and importance of what we will be doing over there is beginning to sink in. It’s daunting, and I keep going over how many things still need to be done (so many!).

Bula Blog #4: The God of the classroom is the God of Fiji, too

27 May, 2016
At Year 13, we’re blessed to have graduates come back to use their ministry skills and experience doing cross-cultural mission in Fiji to mentor the next generation of school leavers.

Bula Blog #3: Magnifying the impact of our Fiji mission

20 May, 2016
I am so thankful for all of you who have given generously to our Mission Magnified campaign. You have helped make it possible to not just maintain Year 13’s mission to Fiji, but to magnify its impact for years to come.

Bula Blog #2: Trusting God with our fears about Fiji

13 May, 2016
Fiji Week brought the students closer to the reality of what it’s going to be like stepping out to do cross-cultural ministry. Understandably, for some, this raised doubts and fears about the experience and how they’ll measure up.

Bula Blog #1: Our place in God’s mission to Fiji

6 May, 2016
In the weeks leading up to their mission, your support and prayers for Year 13, and keeping in touch with them during their final preparations will be really important.

Bula Blog 4, 2015

5 August, 2015
During our re-entry training in Fiji, Luther, the Year 13 Director said to us, “….know that chains and afflictions await.” At the time, I found this statement irreconcilable...

Bula Blog 3, 2015

29 June, 2015
We have gradually become aware that many Fijian Christians believe that good works makes them right before God, and so we were anxious to emphasise how God’s grace is shown through Jesus and that he is all we need. Before we knew it, we were being welcomed by a crowd of smiling Fijian children, ready for another day of learning and fun.

Bula Blog 2, 2015

23 June, 2015
BULA from Fiji! Sabeto Christian Camp was our first stop. It took a little while for us to accept that we were in Fiji. The camp felt very similar to facilities you might find in Australia, though there were some big differences.

Bula Blog 1, 2015

15 June, 2015
Unbelievably, it’s just six days until we head off to Fiji for a month long mission’s trip. I am so grateful for the opportunity to head over to Fiji with the Year 13 team of: 77 students and 21 leaders.
Year 13 is a completely unique experience, perfect for any school leaver who is keen to grow, learn, experience, be challenged, make amazing friends, and get to know Jesus better! Simon Frost, 2012