Not at all. 33% of previous Year 13 students have come from non-Sydney Anglican churches – Baptists, Presbyterians, Independent churches. Please assure your parents (and your Pastor!) that we are not looking to train and recruit Anglicans. We are looking for Christians who are keen to be missional disciples of Jesus.

As a Year 13 student, you will spend one third of your time with us, one third of your time in a ministry placement at your church (where your key discipleship will happen), and one third of your time earning some cash. Your home church will actually see more of you than ever!

Applications open in April each year. Please read all information online, and then either complete your Application Form online, or print and mail it to us. Applications close January 31, unless the program has already been filled.

Yes! Open days take place at several points throughout the year. Dates and times are available in Events.

The Year 13 program is designed for students who finished their HSC in November, and then start Year 13 four months later. We do not usually accept ‘Year 14’ students, but under some circumstances we are happy to make an exception; please contact us to discuss this. If you finished your HSC two or more years ago, you may instead like to apply for the two-year Diploma course in children’s and youth ministry at Youthworks College.

No. Year 13 is still available to students who left school before completing their HSC (for example, at the end of Year 10), or for some other reason did not complete the formal qualifications of the HSC. Academically, Year 13 is available in three study options 1. As an Audit Student with no academic qualifications 2. As a Certificate Student with Year 10 or equivalent qualifications 3. As a Diploma Student with ATAR 65+ or successful completion of an entry examination. However, for each study option you still must be of the same age of those completing their HSC in the year prior to Year 13. Applicants must demonstrate that they are at an equivalent life-stage to other school leavers, especially in respect to life experience and display a willingness to participate fully in all aspects of the Year 13 program. 

The application interview sounds scary, but it isn’t! We simply want to get to know the applicant, and find out whether they follow Jesus and are keen to participate in the program. These are the three key elements. We will pray with you and under God attempt to establish whether Year 13 is right for you

Yes. We want to make sure that we are making the right decision by offering you a place in Year 13. Plus, if you so choose, your ministry placement with your home church will be a critical part of the year. Your minister must be on board with this. 

I have grown so much in my understanding and love for God. Year 13 is the best thing to do between school and whatever is next. Ally Rowe, 2015