Why have Supervisors?

The Supervisor system is a distinctive of the Year 13 program, and it is essential for every Year 13 student to be assigned a Supervisor who will have oversight of his or her ministry.

Year 13 has Supervisors for several reasons:

We do not want to create a “Year 13 Church” that takes over the role of a student’s home church. The local church is the place that should ultimately provide the nurture and discipleship of the Year 13 student.

Supervisors provide guidance and structure to the students week (please see Organising your student’s week)

Supervisors also act as mentor throughout the year, helping students critically reflect on what they are learning in ministry and in the classroom. In addition to being an extremely helpful process, this also helps fulfil some requirements of the Australian College of Theology (ACT) unit of study; PC244 - Practical Ministry Field Education.

There is also the possibility that a student may be leading a life worthy of the gospel while on Year 13 campus, then falling into a worldly lifestyle during the rest of the week. We want Supervisors to discover areas for growth and to feel comfortable in challenging the students and moving them in a direction of holiness and maturity.

Whilst an important role, we have worked hard not to make the role of Supervisor too onerous in a technical sense (please see Expectations of Supervisors). The weight of the role comes from need to have the relational time with your student in order to invest and support them in their ministry, study and relationship with Christ.

You’ll not only grow in your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and God – but you will learn the great fundamentals to growing your relationship with Him, with others, and basically how to ACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY, FEARLESSLY LIVE for CHRIST! Zoe Schuthof, 2009